About The SG Group AB

How it all started

The friendships which created our business began in Paris in 2005. Paths changed and crossed in London and in Stockholm, and the SG Group AB was born.

Our story

Every great journey begins with a story. Ours is no different. Established in 2020, we bring together more than 100 years of hospitality and business experience, gained in Sweden, the UK and France. We began with one venture in Stockholm, launched during the most difficult time the industry has ever known. We took over a long closed site on a side street in Vasastan and turned it into one of the most imitated bar restaurants in town.

Our approach

We believe passionately that great guest experiences build a great business. We know that a great guest experience begins with happy and passionate staff who welcome customers as they would guests in their own homes. We strive to provide the highest quality in all of the food and drink which we serve. We never forget that every guest has a big choice of potential destinations, and we cherish every occasion when they choose us.